How to Stay Healthy

Topics: Medicine, Nutrition, Health Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: July 8, 2012
“How to Stay Health”

All people try to be healthy, and some are very serious about that, while others are lees. Different ways have used by people to keep their fitness or stay away from the chronic diseases. Two ways are often followed by people to stay healthy, that are the protective and continuous ways. I cold weather, we usually wear too many clothes to protect ourselves from catching cold or even fever. Also, many are aware of dangers of smoking, so they do not do that or give up. The type of helping ourselves to be healthy before the illness happen is a protective way. In everyday life, there are a lot of examples of ways or tools that people use to protect themselves and even too many publications have found to teach people how to protect themselves in different aspects of fields of life. One of the most things that should be observed by people in order to stay healthy is the food. Nowadays, there is a lot of unhealthy food especially the fast food, where this type of food causes too many problems. So, one has to be aware of this if he like these types of foods. On other hand, people should do sports, exercises, or even go on walks to burn this fat in their bodies. This type of staying healthy is continuous way. In sum, people can stay healthy by practicing different procedures. Some of these must be followed before they catch illness and this is protective, and other should be followed as long as there is the danger of fat. The most important point is people should be aware of these things that threaten their health.
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