How to Speak Basic French Phrases

Topics: French language, France, European Union Pages: 3 (465 words) Published: February 6, 2013
How to Speak Basic French Phrases
Villarico, Ingrid Gail M.
January 29, 2013
Prof. Gen Cafino
I. Introduction
A. Attention getter:
I’m pretty sure LOADS of you on here would looooooove to go to France someday right? I mean what’s not to love: Eiffel Tower, scrumptious foods, breath-taking sceneries and of course, gorgeous French boys who couldn’t resist those things? I know I can’t! So here I am standing in front of you all to teach a few basic French phrases. French is the language of love after all. B. Credibility:

I’ve been trying to learn French for ages now and finally I’ve found that these phrases are easy, it might look hard but believe me it is easy. Just a few practices and voilà! C. Specific Purpose:

The purpose of this demo presentation is simple, to teach all of you here bits of French that you actually use. Whether it’s saying greetings or telling someone your name, I’ve got you covered. D. Thesis:

The French language is the fourth-most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union, and below are the following phrases are just the basic greetings that you would need to know. II. Development:

A. Greetings
We’ll start with the usual, good morning, good night and the likes: bienvenu - welcome
bonjour - good day (greeting)
bonsoir - good evening/night (greeting)
bonne journée - good day (farewell)
bonne soirée - good evening/night (farewell)
bonne nuit - good night (farewell)
B. Formal
In French, there are phrases that are informal and formal, let’s start with the formals: Comment allez-vous ? - How are you?
bien - good
pas mal - not bad
au revoir - see you later
à bientôt - see you soon
à tout à l'heure - see you soon
s'il vous plait – Please
merci – thank you
de rien - you're welcome
excusez-moi - Excuse me (asking a question)
pardonnez-moi / pardon - Excuse me - bumping into someone, or moving through people Comment vous appelez-vous? - What is your name? 
Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?...
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