Ethiopian Culture; How It Effects Their Health Care

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Ethiopian beliefs, culture and etiquette; How does it affect the way we care for them?

Ethiopian beliefs, culture, and etiquette;
How does it affect the way we care for them?

East Africa

* Christian 60.8% (Orthodox 50.6%, Protestant 10.2%),
* Muslim 32.8%, traditional 4.6%,
* Other 1.8%

80 known languages with 200 dialects.

* Family is a very important part of Ethiopian culture; their family includes friends, and also members of the community. * The family unit is the only source for support for most families. * The whole family is involved in raising the younger generations. * The husband’s parents usually live with the family when they get older. * Family needs are put above all- including business.

* Ethiopian greetings are traditionally courteous; the most common is a light handshake with eye contact. * A woman will initiate a greeting with a man by extending her hand. * A greeting should include questions about the wellbeing of family, work, and other questions with a genuine interest. * Elders should be greeted first.

Health care:
“Immigrants may experience homesickness because practices can be drastically different than those back home, and physicians should be aware that mothers may need more emotional support.”(, n.d).

* Birth
i. A mother rests for 40 days after birth.
ii. In some regions, new mothers are encouraged to take cold showers as it is believed that they have healing powers. iii. While a woman is in labour, her family and friends ritually roast and drink coffee and burn incense. iv. Men are not involved in labour.

* Death
i. Death is common in Ethiopian culture as famine; HIV and Malaria thrive with only holistic treatment. ii. The deceased are buried the day they die. Christians near the church and Muslims near the mosque iii. The deceased is mourned by family and friends...
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