Belonging and Identity

Topics: Amish, Sociology, Peter Weir Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: July 25, 2011
The first group we belong to, the family has more influence than any other group on forming our identity.

Knowing who we are and where we belong to makes us feel happy and secure. Family is always the first and forever group that we belong to. They have more influence than any other group in shaping our identity. Other group like friends also help shape our identity but to a lesser extent. Family offers environment in which a person learns early, at the same time family is the first source of information that can be trusted and realistic, children’s education and the family make them who they are.

There are some groups that none of us has any choice in whether we belong to them or not. Factors such as gender, ethnicity, family and even social status are at birth. Every group has their own set of identity, we cannot choose where we are born, just like I am a Chinese, wherever I am in, I am still a Chinese even the nationality have changed. This is can be seen in “witness” Rachel they are going to the visit her sister.

As we grow as a part of family that we belong to, it always inspire values which are more practical than any other group. Although the social status, friends or any other hobby clubs can be alter in later life, all of these of groups are not changing much who we are. A child their influence is always more important as in these formative years one’s awareness and recognition. This can be seen in peter weir’s “Witness” where the people in Amish Community clear identify Amish values to Samuel. Samuel want to play the gun out of curiosity, Eli told Samuel that Amish never touch the unclear things. Family is like the foundation of Samuel, everything begins with the values that children ate like mirrors. Samuel might in the later life reflect everything knowing by Eli in the way they understand it. Our families just like the Amish Community shaping us in different ways.

By Contrast with the group it is really easily to see which group has...
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