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On Differences between Chinese and American Family Values in Cross-Cultural Communication

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On Differences between Chinese and American Family Values in Cross-Cultural Communication


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Family is the basic miniature of the social economic activity, and it is the basic unit that constitutes the society. Family value is the core in the research of cultural values, and it has decisive influence on the behavior of the members in the family. The values of family members have direct effect on people’s behaviour and thingking. That is to say, the values of the society rely on people’s family values in a large degree. However, due to the difference of geographical and historical background, religion and belief, different nations have their own family values. A clear and direct contrast between Chinese and American family values can bridge over their communication gap. As a result, people start to acknowledge the existence of the two different family values, gradually get familiar with them, admit them and then finally melt. The paper analyzes family values from the following aspects including filial piety, marriage and family education. Chapter one is the introduction which studies the background of the research on family values including present studies at home and abroad, main contents and objectives of this paper. Chapter two manifests the definitions of family, values, and Chinese and American family values. The paper elaborates different attitudes towards filial piety, marriage and family education in Chapter three. Chapter four analyzes the reasons for the differences from three aspects including geography, history and belief. Then conclusion in Chapter four, which tells the contents briefly, puts forward how to erect correct concepts about family values. This article aims at showing some differences between Chinese and American family values, benefiting people’s understanding under the context of globalization , thus in case of mistakes in cross-cultural communication, it is of great significance.

Key words: family values; filial piety; marriage; family education; reason

家庭是社会经济活动的缩影,是社会组成的最基本的单位。家庭价值观是文化价值研究体系的核心,它对家庭成员的行为起着决定性的作用。家庭成员的价值观念直接影响着他们在社会中的言语和行为,也就是说整个社会的价值观很大程度上取决于家庭价值观,但是,由于地理、历史背景、宗教信仰的不同,不同的民族有不同的家庭价值观。本论文通过比较性探讨,在两种截然不同的家庭价值观之间架起了一座沟通的桥梁,使人们了解存在的两种不同的家庭价值观,逐渐熟悉、接受,最后慢慢交融贯通。 文章从家庭价值观所涉及的范畴,孝道、婚姻、家庭教育等方面作了如下分析,第一章是绪论,主要研究家庭价值观的背景,其中包括国内外的研究现状、本文主要内容及意义。第二章简述了家庭,价值观以及中美家庭价值观的定义。第三章介绍中美对孝道,婚姻,家庭教育的不同理解和观点。第四章从地理、历史、信仰三个角度分析造成中美家庭价值观差异的原因。最后一章结论,简述研究的内容,提出如何树立正确的家庭价值观。对中美家庭价值观的差异进行比较分析,目的是帮助人们在跨文化环境下对其进一步了解,避免在交际过程中产生失误,其意义深远重大。

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