How to Resist Computer Addiction

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Regulate your sleeping pattern. A lot of people lose sleep while on the internet and mess up their sleeping pattern. It will be beneficial to you as you will become more organized and self disciplined. Make a list of reasons why you will be happier when you use the internet less. Have ambition in mind that i can do this!

Try to stay off websites that are addictive. If you have problems getting off of these sites, just have someone else block these sites using your built in Content Advisor or if you are using Windows Vista, use the parental controls to control internet access and time on computer. Try using the computer at the library. You won't be as tempted to look at certain websites (such as porn, etc.)and they do have a limit on how long you can stay online. Also, the library is a good place to get some good books and magazines to read, so you won't be as tempted to be on the Internet at home. Every time you log on to different sites, set yourself a timer, and a small list of what you want to do within that time, and then try and make yourself log off when the time is up. Do this constantly, but try to reduce the amount of time you are on the page by 5 minutes each time. Remember to take breaks to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and take care of your hygiene. If there are pages which you look at constantly for information (like wikipedia), simply copy all the text and save it in a file, or even print it off. This will stop you from using the Internet so often, and it will stop you from drifting to another page. Get your friends and family to help by reminding you when you have been on a long time. Turn off email notifications, subscriptions or anything else that may turn your attention to the Internet. If you need to look up a topic, do it as fast as you can, but don't sit down. Stand up the entire time you're browsing, and don't allow yourself to sit down. Think about the money you will save without having internet. Cancel your internet connection or get...
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