How to Prepare for an Air Force PT Test

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How to Prepare for an Air Force PT Test
The USAF has evolved into a smaller elite force; and has taken on many of the combat tasks of the Army. The Air Force has filled a role of; convoys, patrols, and prison guards due to the surge of combat operations across Afghanistan and Iraq. The Air Force no longer remains a behind the scenes service. Each day American Airman has been sitting on the front lines with their Army and Marine’s brothers and sisters. Staying physically fit has become the United States Air Force’s (USAF) highest priority and is crucial to the fight against present and future enemies. Roberts, quote from Airman “Are you fit to fight”, sums up General Jumper’s stance on Air Force physical fitness “Who said his focus, is "not on passing a fitness test once a year. More important, we are changing the culture of the Air Force. This is about our preparedness to deploy and fight. It's about warriors. It is about instilling an expectation that makes fitness a daily standard - an essential part of your service."(Roberts 2) In turn, this has dramatically changed the USAF’s fitness mindset which consisted of waist measurement, push-ups, crunches and the one-in-half mile run which is governed by Air Force Instruction 36-2905. Each of the four components is equally important; because, if the minimum standards are not met for each category then you will not pass the test.

The waist measurement requires the military member to maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet the required abdominal circumference measurements. For males the minimum waist measurement in inches is 39 and females are 35.5. Accomplishing cardio exercises five times a week in 30 minute sessions reaching the max heart rate is ideal for burning fat and sustaining a health weight. Subsequently, the crunch exercise is also an important component of the Physical Training (PT) and has many benefitting factors.

The crunch portion requires the member to lie flat on their back with...
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