Advanced Training Methods

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In fitness training, advanced training methods are in general the “modern-day” methods being applied; others authors have named these techniques scientific methods because the results of these type of training are noticeable and a clear progress of changes in the individual are definitely perceived.

Supersets, Forced reps, Pyramid system and Periodization technique are part of the major advanced training methods. A superset mainly implicates a harder training method that do not allow for relaxation in between the sets. Forced reps similarly include executing repetitive exercises when the individual has gotten concentric and exhausted through the help of the trainer or spotter. Pyramid system also encompasses developing the muscles through the addition of more weights in a varied manner incorporating both the volume and intensity while the other method which is the periodization employs a more planed training with the time available for training being apportioned evenly to ensure better development of strength and muscles and also controlling if not eradicating over training.

Important to note that before any of the above methods are used in training a proper understanding of each is paramount for effective and avoiding simple injuries that may also result due to over training. A proper audit of ones health is equally important to ascertain that the trainer is not suffering from any medical complication that may be increased by the trainings that at time may be intense. Its only when all these are met that one can apply the above training methods and have remarkable results to boost of from the training, since ignoring the medical concern would basically be suicidal.

Supersets are centered on two exercises in a row with no rest or easing among the two sets different than other conventional methods like straight sets. A main disadvantage for this method is the lack of rest between the sets which affects developing power or strength. Subsequently, this decreases the amount of load one can handle with individuals’ power decreasing with each added superset (Venuto, 2008). Between all the many benefits of supersets, saving significant time is one of them because no much time is spent in relaxation between the sets. Also, supersets help increase intensity of training which helps develop muscles faster. (Venuto, 2008) explains that supersets help decrease injuries while working out for the reason that the sets are nonstop; there’s no need of having to add weights because the muscles become overloaded and consequently create greater intensity. Furthermore it is significant to give details of the three main types of supersets which consist of: same muscle group supersets which combine diverse workout for a certain muscle, the Antagonistic muscle groups, which is the second type, consist of an aggressive outcome as a result from combining the two muscles allowing one to relax while the other one is exercising, and the third category is the staggered sets which combines unconnected muscles with major and minor muscles therefore working out uninterruptedly. (Venuto, 2008)

Another advance training method is the Forced reps which are repetitions performed after a muscle failure and the trainee feels exhausted and cannot hold up the weight any more or perform any other repetition effectively. At this juncture the trainers always assist by helping in spotting the trainee. The major advantage of this method is that with good exercises forced reps can actually be performed without necessarily having a spotter or training partner for instance with one arm having strong bicep curls the remaining arm can as well be used in helping the arm that is being trained.(Hatfield,1993) Fahey suggests in the text the used of paused reps which require pausing in the middle of sets in the unloaded part of the motion to allow for more overall reps.

A variation of strength and...
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