How to Potty Train Your Child

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How to Potty Train Your Child

Brittany Brazee

December 4, 2011

Ms. McQuinney


How to potty train a child can be very difficult and frustrating at times.  All

children are different.  For some children it can take them only a few days to

master, but others can take several months.  It is said the earlier a child starts

potty training, the longer it will take.  The parent and child have a better chance

of success if they understand the steps of training and use the process in a

positive manner.
     Every child is different.  Some children are ready to start potty training at

eighteen months, but others could not be ready until they are closer to three

years of age. Usually parents start to try potty training their child around the age

of two and a half.  A parent needs to watch for signs to decide when they think

their child is ready to start. The parent should never rush the child or make them

feel pressured into this.  
     The very first thing the parent needs to do is buy the right equipment.  This

could be either a child sized potty chair or a special adapter seat that will attach

to the regular toilet.  This will help to make the child feel comfortable and not

scared of possibly falling into the grown up toilet seat.  For a boy child you will

need to buy a potty chair that does not have a urine guard.  This is because the

guards tend to bump into and scrape the boy’s penis when he sits on the potty.  If

the parent buys an adapter seat, they will also need to invest in a stool.  This is for

the toddler to get up and down from the toilet, also to brace their feet while

     The next thing a parent needs to do is create a routine.  Sit the toddler on the

potty seat, fully clothed, once a day.  This helps a child get used to sitting on the

potty and it becomes a routine.  After they accept this as a routine, start putting

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