How to Overcome Crisis in International Management

Topics: Crisis, Management, 1997 Asian Financial Crisis Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: May 2, 2011
How to overcome crisis in international management
Nowadays, many firms try to do business abroad to make more profits or get market share. However, most of companies have had difficulties in managing the business because of unexpected crises such as national or financial ones. Thus I would like to talk about the type of crisis that we are influenced by and the solutions to overcome these crises with several examples. I will discuss the current issue which happened in South Korea; the effect on the international business and predictable outcome comparing with other countries. When I was in South Korea, we sometimes had been attacked from North Korea. At that time I just worried about the war or additional attacks. However, after taking some business classes, now I am more concerned on the changes which might influence economy or international business in South Korea. In addition, the global economy has not been fully recovered. Many firms, all over the world have faced the financial problems under this bad situation. Therefore I want to learn more about how to manage and overcome financial crisis.

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