Eco 561 Business Proposa;

Topics: Costs, Marketing, Marginal cost Pages: 10 (3681 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Business Proposal
Nakia Allen, Carlene Hill, Beverly Morris,
James Kennedy, Ronald Phillips, and PaShona Lewis
Charles Frederickson


In this paper Team B will write a business proposal for a Boys Boutique named Kaleb’s Kloset. Team B will include molds about the elasticity of demand and the market structure for the boutique and determine the profit-maximizing quantity. Team B will cover the use of marginal cost and marginal revenue to maximize profit by providing the information to determine this. Team B suggestions on mix of pricing, non-pricing strategies, and to see if there are any barriers to entry, product differentiation, and other ways to minimize costs for the products offered in Kaleb’s Kloset.

Business Proposal
There are four steps to creating an astronomical business plan (2008). Those steps consist of determining the purpose for the plan, creating the business plan, knowing your business, and determining target audience. The new service created is Kaleb’s Kloset (K & K), which is a boy’s clothing boutique targeting parents or loved ones of little boys. The boutique will offer brand name edgy clothing at an affordable price. Kaleb’s Kloset will give parents the flexibility of adding style to their son’s wardrobe at an affordable advantage over the department stores. The CEO and co-founders found shopping very difficult to find stylish options for little boys, which is why K & K was founded. They also found that there were many little girl stores or boutiques outside the normal department stores. Those boutiques gave parents more of a variety of choices in compared to the options accessible for little boys. The CEO and co-founders established that there were limited clothing options available for little boys resulting clothing opportunities with minimal individualization. The concept behind K & K was to add design, variety, and style to little boy’s wardrobes at a competitive price while adding an edgy twist. Although K & K will have some of the clothing that can be purchased at the basic department stores, K & K will provide a creative edge in the boutique by providing the hottest styles on the market, offering parents more and exclusivity of their selections. The K & K’s mission statement is: Kaleb’s Kloset offers quality, stylish, name brand, & edgy brand clothing for the young men in your life! Team A suggested that they were unable to determine where the market structure was clearly identified and stated. Team B disagrees with Team A. Team B clearly stated who their targeted audience is. Team A also suggested there is mention of elasticity of demand but opportunity exists to further describe how this relates to the market structure once identified for this new company. Team B disagrees with their statement. Proposal

Prepared for: Bank Of America, hereinafter (“BOA”), located at 2020 Bissonett. Bellaire, Texas, 77401. Prepared By: Kaleb’s Kloset, hereinafter (“K & K”), located at 6500 West Loop S. Bellaire, Texas, 77041. Description:

K& K is seeking funding from BOA for a Boys Boutique to give little boys a different adversary to finding clothing rather shopping at the department stores. The funding request, market analysis, and return of investment analysis of the project are included in the Proposal. K & K is seeking the flexibility, guidance, and funding of BOA for growth of business to benefit both parties. Executive Summary:

The purpose of this proposal is to forge a strategic relationship between K & K and BOA to leverage the customer base for a K & K’s newly developed product. The Business has developed a new twist for Boys Clothing options that has the following specifications and advantages over similar products in this industry: 1. Designer Pants- $50 and up

2. Non-designer pants- $25 and up
3. Designer Shorts- $40 and up
4. Non-designer...
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