How to Not Be Lazy

Topics: Psychology, English-language films, Want Pages: 3 (541 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Today I didn’t turn in my reading log. I had did all the days and had made it super

pretty but I think that I accidentally threw it away this morning while i was cleaning my

backpack. I have decided that i need to be more organized and pay more attention to what

I am doing. This paper is going to be about ways I can be more organized. Also, some

ways to focus better. In the end, i’m really sorry about not having it turned in and I promise it

won’t ever be late, sloppy, and not having put in 100% effort into it, and not waiting until the

night before it’s due.

Furthermore, a good way for me to be organized is to start having seperate folders

for each class. I would keep each and every folder organized and i will keep on top of this!

Another thing I could do is to pay more attention in class, for example, not talking in your

class or in Mr. Montalvos’. I really want to stay on top of this so whenever you see me

talking or getting off class, I would like it if you would get on to me if I break this. This is one

of the reasons on how I can not be a failure!

Moving on, I really need to start focusing and paying more attention to my teachers.

A few ways I could fix my bad habits are by isolating myself from my friends. I would do

this so that i wouldn’t be tempted to be disruptive and loud. I could even sit with my best

friends but just remember what’s right, and what’s wrong. To be completely honest.. I don’t

try to be a loudmouth and disrubpt the class, I just have been making very bad choices and

i need to reconsider my behavior in class.
Lastly, another good way to be more organized is to make better choices during my

free time. For example, instead of going to my friends house on my only free day, I should

try studying and finishing up homework. This is one of my hardest things to accomplish

because I have a hard time just trying to sit down and doing my work. Instead of going to...
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