Active Learning Essay

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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Active Learning

What Is Active Learning?
* It happens whenever your instructor asks a question, puts you in groups to solve a problem, requires you to make an oral presentation to the class, or does anything else that gives you & other students a voice in the learning process. Benefits of Active Learning

* It teaches you a variety of skills employers want most: Thinking, writing, oral communication, goal setting, time management, relationship building, problem solving, ethical reasoning & more.

Passive Learning
* This way of learning is usually adopted at school or sometimes at college where you listen & take notes. * Participation of students is less than what it is with active learning class. * Students are less likely to retain information or put it to use. Things you can do to practice learning actively:-

* Do not hesitate to raise your hand if you do not understand something. * Put notes into your own words instead of memorizing the book or the lecture. * Study with other students. Getting other points of view will help you learn the material faster & more thoroughly. * Politely challenge your instructors if you disagree with them. They would listen & may even think more of you for showing that you can think & that you care enough to challenge them. * Stay in touch with instructors, other students & your academic advisor. The One-Minute Paper

* It is simply a feedback exercise that Harvard University came up with as a suggestion of improving learning. * At the end of each class students are asked to write what they think is the main issue of that class & what their unanswered questions are for the next class. * So even if it isn’t required by your instructor. It can be a vital way of thinking about the main issues discussed as well as asking good questions at the next class meeting.

Making The Most of Student-Instructor relationship
* Make it a point to...
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