How to Lose a Job

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Xiang Gao
Mr. Kevin
ELS 111
How to Lose Your Job
Every day, at anytime, we will see young people seeking a job. It seems like a fortune for the youngsters to get access to a famous company, and they hold their position tightly so that they will not lose it. But today I want to tell you how to lose a job, and how to get fired by your boss. A study shows that over 200,000 people are fired every year. To be successful in this group of people, and to quit your job quickly; however, one must grasp a few essential principles: 1. Establish a bad relationship with your colleagues.

2. Be late for work constantly and do not focus on your work. 3. Be a man without personality.
To begin with, the first thing you should do is to establish a bad relationship with your colleagues. You don’t need to establish a friendship with your colleagues, you don’t have to have lunch together with them, and you can even muddle up their first names because you will not stay with them for a long time. You should just be yourself, ignore others’ advice and criticism of you, and don’t pay attention to other’s opinions. To be a secret among your colleagues, you never show up in any parties, and don’t invite them to your house. If you feel bored and dislike someone, you can complain to your boss or gossip about the person’s wrong behind his back, and just let the gossip spread. Another effective way to be thrown off your job is always being late for work and not concentrating on your duties. For example, whenever you go to work, always be one minute late for working time, and make an excuse for being late because of the rush hour. You can decide whether or not to go to work if the boss is not in his office, and make a sick excuse to get rid of the work. You can take a nap during the working hours, play online games, and chat with your friends to kill time. Moreover, you can have a cup of coffee, eat some cookies, and be on a phone call even if...
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