Dead End Job

Topics: Employment, Promotion and relegation, Cleanliness Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Jerome Pitts
Title: Dead End Job
Friday July 16, 2010

A dead end job is when you work some where that has little to no chance of being promoted to higher paying position. The term dead end job usually uses toward people who work in fast food or their some type of clean up person. When you have a dead end job usually the pay is really low and you have no benefits on top of being in a position where there is no growth. When someone has a dead en job it usually require no skills to perform the job. A few ways to know if you are in a dead en job are if you’re at a job where your yearly raise is nothing but fifteen cents a year that’s a dead end job. Have you been working hard but your employer haven’t notice you or ask you to take on more responsibility after you been their year after year. Take for example Paul has been working for Houston senior care nursing home he has been a faithful employee for five years with no pay increase or benefits. Paul job title is house keeping and it’s a easy job but Paul wants more than easy job and Paul has been wondering should he change jobs since he won’t never get a promotion. One of the main things that make a person feel like their working a dead end job is because their busting their butt but after a period they get no promotion nor do they get any added responsibility or they pay is just about the same when they started working their.
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