How to Learn Swimming

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how to learn swimming

Swimming is a skill that can help keep you fit and can be a good exercise for your muscles. You burn many calories when swimming and it can be useful during emergency situations. It can also prevent drowning from happening. Floating, dog paddling and the different swimming techniques are the basic lessons you need to learn in swimming.

The basic lesson swimming institutions teach students to learn how to swim is floating. For you to be able to swim, you need to relax in the water. You cannot let your fear get in the way, or else you would not be able to swim. There are different types of floating that can help you be at ease as your body is submerged in water. The different types of floating include treading, back float, turtle float, jellyfish float and many more in treading, your head is above the water and your legs and arms do the movement to keep you afloat. Your legs perform a kicking motion, while your arms move outwards. Treading is usually done in deep waters. Back float is floating on your back. You lie on your back against the surface of the water and relax. You let the water help you float, instead of resisting it. Turtle float is done with your knees close to your chest and your head is submerged in water. You hug your knees and float in the water. This type of floating can also help you in your breathing exercise. Jellyfish float is similar with turtle float, the only difference is that instead of hugging your knees to your chest; you hold your ankles. Dog paddling is the first swim stroke taught t children. It was said that humans have the innate ability to swim. The dog paddle evolved from observing the animals in ancient times. Paddling is done through an alternate movement between the hands and the legs. Your head is not submerged in the water to help you breathe normally.

The different techniques in swimming involve freestyle or the crawl, backstroke, butterfly stroke and breaststroke. The easiest and most...
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