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Individual Education Plan
Jefferson County School District

Parent Signature of Approval:__________________________________ Date:_________ NAME: Victoria RunionGRADE: 9SCHOOL: Jefferson High SchoolAGE: 14 ADPE TEACHER: John LoweryPROJECTED STARTING DATE: January 31, 2013 INSTRUCTIONAL PE ARRANGEMENT:

Victoria attends 4 physical education classes a week. Three of the four classes are held at Jefferson High School, and one class is in the Shepherd University Wellness Center. Victoria is assigned a peer tutor during Shepherd University Wellness Center visits. PHYSICAL ABILITIES/DISABILITIES

Victoria is able to swim all over the pool without assistance. She has a lot of energy, and is capable of moving almost non-stop for the entire swimming session. Retrieving rings in the shallow end of the pool is one of her favorite games. Victoria also enjoys jumping into the pool in the deep end. Victoria’s disabilities are unspecified. From my observations: •Victoria is partially non-verbal. Most verbal responses are one-word yes/no answers. •Victoria has a lot of energy and is very easily distracted. RELATED SERVICES:

Victoria visits the Shepherd University Wellness Center pool once a week and does Physical Education classes at school three days a week. PRESENT LEVEL OF PSYCHOMOTOR PERFORMANCE:
Victoria knows how to swim without assistance of a floatation device. She is not afraid to swim in the deep end of the pool. She can jump in the deep end, feet first, and submerge her face underwater. Victoria has very high energy, and is capable of moving through the water for long periods of time. Even though Victoria is capable of travelling all over the pool, her movements are very violent. On arm strokes, Victoria often hits the water with the palms of her hands. Her feet are far apart on her kicks and her toes are not pointed. The “Sports Skills Assessment - Level 1 Swimming Test” shows Victoria is capable of completing tasks such as: water adjustments, water...
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