How to Improve School

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Improve your school

Dear Governors,
In my personal opinion I feel that our school, on the whole is very good. However, I do feel that there could be some improvements to be made throughout the school.

Firstly, I feel that some of the school facilities are out of date and could do with much improvement. A way to improve the school facilities could include more school benches, more things to do at breaks and lunch times and an astro-turf multi-sports pitch. Though some of these may seem expensive, several things could be done to raise money to be able to build these suggestions. All school sports teams could ask for sponsors around the local area, or even things such as a basic cake sale can raise quite a lot of money considering there are over 850 pupils in the school. If 850 pupils were each to buy one cake each at 50p a cake, straight away the school will have raised £425. If we added this to any sponsors and any other fund raising plans that happen the school could easily raise over £2500.00. With that amount of money the majority of an astro-turf multi-sports pitch will have already been paid for.

Next I am also suggesting ways for the school technology to be improved as I also feel that parts of the school technology is also out dated. New technology is being developed every day but when we have at least 5/6 year old computers, the technology in those computers will be getting very old. It’s not just the fact that the technology will be getting old though, if the computers start to get old, how are pupils going to complete certain aspects of their school work or even research parts of the work needed to be completed for their GCSE grades? If pupils cannot research something that may be in their exam then they won’t be able to answer the question and maybe not get the grade which is needed to get in college or 6 form and then advance onto university. It may not seem like and pupils may not realise it but the work that...
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