How to Get Good Grades

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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How many of you want to have good grades? Well I think everybody wants to have good grades... I am going to talk about how to get it and some tips that can help you to do it.. * First of all, you have to know what kind of intelligent do you have... because there are 9 types. * Linguistic: enjoy talking reading writing

* Logical-mathematical: enjoy solving problems
* Spatial: need make pictures and diagrams
* Kinesthetic: need to be moving
* Musical: use music to learn information
* Interpersonal: require social interaction.
* intrapersonal: enjoy working alone
When you know which your intelligent is, you can take advantage of that and to study like you know is the better way for you... you can be totally different from your classmates. Steps
Don't just copy what your teachers write on the board, either: take extensive notes on everything. Notes should be short, and if possible get pens with colored ink because it aids the memory. These notes can help you to remember when you are studying. Review your notes every night, so when the big test comes, remembering what you learned is a snap. Priority

You have to prioritize what is the most important.. if go out with your friends or stay at home to study. Stay organized
Organizing your things help you remember to bring your supplies and your homework to class and to your house to do your homework or studying. Ask your teacher if you don't understand something
You have to evacuate doubts, after class or immediately Asking questions will improve your grades and help your understanding.

Plan ahead
Always plan the assignment beforehand. Always get the assignment, homework or project finished at least 1 whole day before to deliver it your teacher. It is not a good idea finish the work in class it is not going to be as good as your work in your house. Study

Study! Don’t waste time, do your work and take notes. When taking tests, relax If you're, or worried that...
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