Ways to Sucessful in Highschool

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Erica Amoroso
Mr. Rood
College prep English
4 September 2012
Six ways to be successful in high school

How would you like to do a job you hate or a job where you get paid nothing? If you do not become a successful student in high school, that’s what you may be stuck with. There are many ways to become successful such as being respectful, prepared, and mature.

Well, first off, you need to learn to respect your elders and be willing to do what they ask of you. Your elders include not only your teachers but the upperclassmen also. Respecting your teachers mean not mouthing off to them. Being willing means to do what they ask of you; do not fight them or tell them no. You also need to be respectful to the upperclassmen. In the hallways, do not push, trip, kick, yell at, or just do anything to them at all. To be successful in high school you must be willing to learn, or willing to help out your teachers and do what they ask of you. So that is how being respectful and willing will help you succeed in high school.

Secondly, you need to be prepared and organized to be successful in high school. Being prepared and organized are tied together very well. If you keep all of your school stuff organized, whether it is in your locker or if you have a binder for all of your papers, you should label each section to keep organized. That way when you get to class you will know exactly where everything is and be perfectly prepared for when your teacher asks for your homework or whatever else they may want. Also, being prepared means having all of your materials ready such as pencils, notebooks, or whatever else you may need. If you never have your materials ready time after time you can eventually get written up which goes on your records which colleges look at and may affect future jobs you apply for. This can, therefore, lead you to an unsuccessful year in high school.

Lastly, two of the most important things about being...
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