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How-to Essay

Stamp Collecting

If you are looking for an interesting hobby, you might find it right in your mailbox. Stamp collecting is popular all over the world. You can learn about different countries, famous people, and special events from the pictures on stamps. It is easy to start your own collection. First, think about what kind of stamps you would like to collect. There are hundreds of new stamps each year. You can collect one country’s stamps or stamps with a favorite theme. For example, you might collect stamps about all kinds of transportation or about one kind, such as ships. Next, get a few simple materials. You will need a stamp album and some stamp hinges special papers with glue to attach stamps to the album’s pages. You won’t damage your stamps if you handle them with tweezers, and a magnifying glass will help you look at details. Now you are ready to start collecting.

Finally, here are ways to obtain stamps. One source is the post office. Check the display area for new stamps. You can also look in travel magazines or on the Internet for stamp offers. You can buy packets or bags containing many different stamps to sort through. Don’t forget to tell your friends, neighbors, and family members that you are a stamp collector. They can give you stamps from the mail they receive.

Now that you know how to begin, you can start anytime. Stamp collecting is a fascinating hobby that can take you on a trip around the world.
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