Dbq French and Indian War

Topics: Benjamin Franklin, American Revolution, French and Indian War Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The French and Indian War altered the political, economical, and ideological relations between Britain and its American Colonies in numerous ways that would later on lead us to todays American. The colonists had become more distant from their mother country Britain. During this point in time the colonists were forced to provide for themselves such as using their own funds. For many more the colonies had began to distant themselves from Britain further than they already were due to Salutory neglect.

To begin with, from a political standpoint the colonists were not in favor of the Stamp act that was enforced. They believed it was unfair and a selfish act of the government. Although they did not agree, the colonists would abide by the rules as long as the Colonies were connected with the motherland which is stated in Document G by Benjamin Franklin.

Also, before the war individuals would volunteer to fight for Britain. They were honored and proud to fight under the rule of the King & Queen. A prime example of this is George Washington, in Document C to his letter to General Braddock ask to join long the forces of Britain and gain military knowledge while serving under the King. Once the war had begun, colonists began to have different view on everything. In Document D from the Massachussetts soldier he discusses that they are no longer treated like Englishmen who are on their homeland. He states "though we be Englishmen born, we are debarred Englishmen's libert. The soldier believed they were not being treated fairly.

Furthermore, another way that their relations were altered was in the economical aspect. The colonists and the British did not see eye to eye. The British started taking action in trying to obtain more money. This led to the idea of taxing from the British Order in Council we see in Document F which states that they found that "the revenue arising therefrom is very small and inconsiderable." The colonists thought that this was a form of "taxation...
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