How to Break the Bad Habit of Thumb Sucking

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How to Break the Bad Habit of Thumb Sucking
Unit 5
August 21, 2011
Cecilia Walker

It is hard to believe that all it takes for a child to stop the bad habit of thumb sucking will take a few ideas and the support from their parents. I fully understand now that I was having a power fight with my parents about me sucking my finger. I can fully relate to the fact it is a comfort factor. They will suck your thumb all day long, and do not care who sees because it your own little way to deal. It is not looked at like that there is a milestone factors that can be missed. The teasing from peers can be a problem that parents try to keep from happening. The biggest issue is all the germs that are on your skin and under your nails that you end up putting into your mouth.

How to Break the Bad Habit of Thumb Sucking

When thinking about thing that are bad habits for a person to have a list of things comes to mind. The bad habits being chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking, spending money, and sucking their thumb are just a few things. In so many peoples mind they do not see what could be wrong with thumb sucking. Why is thumb sucking looked at being a bad habit?

There are many reasons as to why thumb sucking is bad. One reason is that it is germs under your nails and on your skin. It can mess up the way your teeth grow in your mouth once you start to lose your baby teeth. The main reason for most young child is that they get teased by their peers for sucking their thumb.

Thumb sucking is a way for one to calm down or to just go to sleep. This habit starts off when a person is a baby. It can keep a baby from reaching milestones in their growth. Doctors look for a child to have stopped sucking their thumb by the age of five. (Chandler, 2002) The reason is based on teasing from peers have started at this age. Most children will try to do throughout the school day without sucking their thumb, to when they get home they are in the comfort zone of thumb...
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