50105863.Cu1519.3 - Be Able to Respond to Inappropriate Behaviour

Topics: Psychology, Childhood, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: October 28, 2012
50105863.CU1519.3 - Be able to respond to inappropriate behaviour

1.Describe the sorts of behaviour problems that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred

There will be times when children might not show a positive behaviour. There could be many reason for any type of inappropriate behaviour shown. Sometimes children and young people are just testing the limits of their boundaries or some times their could be far more serious reasons behind it. However in a situation like this practitioners need to recognise that when the child needs to be referred to others.

Specific types of unwanted behaviour that should be referred to others

Sometimes children’s behaviour could show some signs that they need some extra support. This mean that a practitioner need to recognise when children need to be referred to another colleague or a professional. However a childcare practitioner need to encourage positive behaviour and manage children’s common behaviour. For example most children who are under three are likely to bite and snatch. This is not likely to referable as most children will eventually grow out of it. But a four year child is still bitting, this will ned referring. Here are some sorts of behaviour that might need referring :-

Biting :- Most children stop biting by three. Its common in toddler and liked to frustration. As they still can not talk and express their feelings and find it difficult to control their emotions. If older children are still bitting they may need investigation.

Aggression :- While most children will squabble and toddler will hit out, older children should be more contrlled. Aggressive acts such as hitting another child foe no reason need referral.

Change of Behaviour :- If children’s behaviour change on certain days or who were fine earlier may need additional support. There could be many reasons for sudden change in their behaviour such as abuse, family separation or bereavement....
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