How to Behave in Class

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When you fool around in class you can upset the teacher. She/he will unleash her/his fury on giving the class homework or worse. unfourtuanetley for us she gave us an essay on how to behave in class. Now here are some tips on how to behave in class.

To start you do what the teacher tells you to. Do your work and pay close attention to the teacher. Next do not talk or pass notes with your peers. Ignore someone if they talk to you or distracting you, because if you communicate with them they will get you into trouble.

Then keep your hands, feet and arms to yourself to avoid getting into trouble. You should always stay focused in class. Do not let your peers distract you. If the class talks and talks after the teacher tells them to be quiet at one point she will lose her patience and unload with homework, so if you talk and the teacher has already told you to be quit she will give not only you homework, but entire class homework. Just because you bring yourself down doesn’t mean you have to bring everyone down with you.

Put your trash were it belongs…not on the floor in the trash can! Always let the teacher teach, because she’s doesn’t get played to assign homework or get people in trouble. You should stay in your seat at all times except when necessary. If you have phones you should turn them off before class unless you want it taken away that is.

In conclusion you should always behave in class and follow directions the teacher gives you. If you talk and get the class in trouble the class will not appreciate it one bit trust me I know. And that’s why you should always behave in class
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