Examples of Discussion Board Etiquette for Online Courses

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Examples of Discussion Board Etiquette for Online Courses
The following examples were gathered from various sites on the internet. They are intended to guide you in developing your own guidelines for your online course. * Be nice. Please refrain from inappropriate language and personal attacks. * Choose a descriptive subject. This will help other subscribers to successfully identify your topic. * No Marketing. All advertising or solicitation will be filtered out of the discussion board. (The Synchronous Class Elements: * Make a personal commitment to learning about, understanding, and supporting your peers. * Recognize and value the experiences, abilities, and knowledge each person brings to class. Value the diversity of the class. * Participate actively in the discussions, having completed the readings and thought about the issues. * Pay close attention to what your classmates write in their online comments. Ask clarifying questions, when appropriate. * Never make derogatory comments toward another person in the class. * Do not make sexist, racist, homophobic, or victim-blaming comments at all. * Do not make personal attacks.

* Be open to be challenged or confronted on your ideas or prejudices. * Challenge others with the intent of facilitating growth. Do not demean or embarrass others. * Encourage others to develop and share their ideas.

* Be careful posting anything that is personal to you or others. Be considerate and kind to classmates. * Make sure everyone realizes when you are trying to be funny. It is easy for messages to be misinterpreted since there are no physical gestures or voice inflections that accompany the text. * When responding to someone's comments, explain to whom and what you are commenting on. * Remember to read what has previously been posted by others to avoid repeating comments. * Make sure you are posting under the appropriate heading or thread. This site is part of a...
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