Describe How Own Behaviour Could:

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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1.4. Describe how own behaviour could:

a) promote effective interactions with children and young people

Children always look up to adults and will take lead from adults around them. If we show good behaviour then they will take that in. We have to follow the guidelines and rules, be polite and respectful towards other, if class teacher say something to do then you have to do. Always wear smart dresses.Treat everyone fairly and be aware of your own approach. Being a team player and offering to help others is beneficial in building effective relationships.

b) impact negatively on interactions with children and young people

Little eyes are watching and little ears are listening. The teacher is one of the child's ideal, it is very important for a teacher to have qualities which impress the child and the qualities which he can imitate and thus become good. For example, swearing in front of your children teaches them that bad language is appropriate. The teacher who seemed to be angry and unhappy put negative impact on children and young people. If we can‘t listen and respect the class teacher then it make negative impact on children and young people. We can’t tell them to do something when we do not do it ourselves. When a student observes a particular teacher has few favourite students, then he/she will think he/she is been sidelined, may be thinking he/she is not good enough or smart enough, when he/she sees the other favoritized students friendly with the teacher, this results in a negative impact may be its a wrong way of taking it.