Kinds of Teachers

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It is obvious that classes differ in terms of their attitude towards learning. There are some groups of students which are aware how essential education is. They put it first regardless of peers` influence. Studying with diligence is typical of them. However the influence of mass media has resulted in promoting a new model of student, as someone who is clever, crafty and who knows how to cut corners. As a result there are some groups of students who believe that education is not the key. Their attitude towards learning is much differ from these hard –working students. If asked why they attend school they have readymade answer ‘ we have to-school is obligatory’. However it is difficult to say how can such an attitude be changed and who can do it. Some believe that it is the teachers` task to motivate the students. But I believe that there is no one group of people who should be blamed. The whole system of education seems to be faulty, and in this case changes on a larger scale ought to be introduced.

It cannot be doubted there are many kinds of teachers` behaviour in the classroom. However two major groups can be distinguished. One is the group of strict teachers. They have rules which under no circumstance cannot be violated. Among them one can find: you are not allowed to do anything without teachers’` permission, you have to carry out you-> your duties without any exception. They very often claim that students cannot express his opinion if it is different form teacher`s view. On the other hands however there is this ‘second’ group of teachers. Their behaviour in the classroom is very friendly and they assume benevolent attitude towards students. It is difficult to day-> today which type of behaviour is better. I cannot agree with people who claim that only a strict teacher can educate others. Of course discipline is essential during lessons, however very often such behaviour results in fear and negative attitude towards learning. The key factor is to find...
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