How to Be a Good Student

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Determinacy Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 9, 2013
A good student is not a clever student only. If we talk about a good student, there are two important aspects that we must consider. We can say and decide a student is good if the student can fulfill these two important aspects, which are related with the student’s intelligence and behavior. If a student has a good intelligence and behavior, she or he must be a good student. First is intelligence, intelligence is an important aspect besides behavior aspect, that determines whether a student can be a good student or not. In this case, intelligence means the student’s brain ability, how fast a student can understand a lesson, and the student’s ability to focus her or his mind on a lesson. Those are about the intelligence aspect and there is also the other aspect, which is as important as intelligence aspect in determining good or not a student is, it is behavior aspect. Second is behavior, behavior is an important thing too, that must be had to be a good student. There are many things that are included in this aspect, such as the student’s behavior when she or he is in school or in society, the way she or he interacts with someone else, her or his ability to associate with her or his friends and so on. People maybe always think that a good student is a student who always gets good marks. Of course, it is extremely wrong. A good student must have a good behavior too. I do not know why people still think that a good student is always related with a good mark, but actually the case is we cannot measure the student’s brain ability, even with a number. I do not think that the behavior aspect is more important than the intelligence aspect, because the behavior aspect cannot be measured too. I just think that a good student is a student that has a good intelligence and a good behavior balance.
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