Self-Esteem in Education

Topics: Education, High school, Problem solving Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: September 5, 2013
According to Randy Moore’s essay : Grades and Self-Esteem,” self-esteem has a bad side, that is grade inflation, lowered standards, meaningless diplomas and ignorance of important skills. I agree that everything that having too much is not good, including self-esteem like Moore describe. However, self-esteem also brings positive side for students. In my opinion, having good self-esteem will lead students to success at school.

Look at the example of USA educational system which every students is stimulated to speak their ideas freely. Students with high self-esteem will confidently participating in class and are able to answer teacher’s question. High self-esteem students will contribute in class discussion and by doing this they learn to express ideas and respond to differing arguments. Meanwhile students with low self-esteem may too shy to respond the teacher and other students. Participating in class is one measurements to grade students that’s why teachers are tend to praise students when students actively participate in class. Compliments, praise and added scores that students retrive because of their participation in class will make the students happy and even stimulates them to study harder so that they will receive the same treatment again.

Students will high self-esteem also have a chance to solve problem by themselves more easily than low self-esteem students. When meet challenges, high self-esteem students will try to find solutions by asking their teachers or other trustworthy sources. They are not shy to show their curiosity. Meanwhile low self-esteem students may find difficulty to express their curiosity. Participation and ability to solve problems are important factor to motivated students to study or continue their education. With these factors, students will confidently pursue their goals in their study, for example a high school student with high self-esteem might aim to enter a prestigious university . But, a student with a low...
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