Hypnotherapy Case Study

Topics: Self-esteem, Anxiety, Roy Baumeister Pages: 36 (9620 words) Published: March 6, 2011

For each of the following, explain how you would work with client. Specifically:

1. What information would you gather?
2. What interventions would you use?
3. What problems, if any could you foresee?


Angie is a student from overseas, studying at your local university. Her family are spending a huge amount of their income to get what they believe is the best education. But Angie is struggling. She finds the language difficult, can’t make friends and her confidence has plummeted. She is terrified of returning home without her degree.


Self esteem is the component of a person's personality that dictates how they view themselves. People with healthy self-esteem feel good about themselves and see themselves as worthwhile. People with low self-esteem, on the other hand, put little value on their opinions and ideas and constantly think that they aren't "good enough."

One of the primary influences on how self esteem is formed is one's environment. A great majority of adults can recall either being the target of the insults of their peers as children; or, being the one that targeted the other kids. Those who were the instigators have, in all probability, shrugged it off as a part of growing up. However, for the victims of this practice, there are often deep scars.

Some environmental elements that may contribute to poor self esteem are:

• Harsh criticism from family and peers
• Physical and emotional abuse
• Social ostracism
• Unreasonably high standards to meet
• A person’s own thoughts and perceptions
• School experiences
• Sports experiences
• Work experiences
• Illness, disability or injury
• Culture
• Religion
People who suffer from low self esteem often experience myriad problems in their adult life, for instance:

• Inability to meet academic and work standards
• Increased instances of depression, anxiety, stress, and feelings of worthlessness • Difficulty maintaining friendships and relationships
• Higher risk of chemical dependency

Signs of Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can appear in the way Angie looks, behaves and interacts with others.

She may have some of these characteristics of low self-esteem:

Negative self-talk, such as, "I'm not worth other people's time, so I shouldn't ask for help," "I'm a failure," or "I'll never amount to anything."

Angie’s own thoughts have perhaps the biggest impact on self-esteem. Her perceptions of situations, and her beliefs about herself, other people and events. For example, how she measures success and failure in life affects her sense of self-worth. A series of perceived successes can lead to feelings of positive self-worth and high self-esteem. A series of perceived failures can make her feel inferior and reduce her self-esteem.

• Frequently apologizing, making self-doubting statements, or making cruel comments about herself that she wouldn't make about someone else.

• Focusing on perceived flaws and weaknesses.

• Seeking constant reassurance from others and not feeling better even with positive feedback.

• Refusing to accept compliments or denying positive comments she gets.

• Tending to be a perfectionist who's afraid of failure, which may impair her university performance.

A lot is expected of today's university students. They are under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed in academics. The pressure comes from themselves, parents, professors, and friends. This causes a lot of stress for students. Success in university is a stepping stone to being successful in a career after graduation, so students feel the need to perform at their full potential.

For some students, the stress and anxiety of school and academics can become overwhelming. Stress affects students in many different ways. For some students, their grades start to suffer. Other students become so overwhelmed by stress that they drop out of university....
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