Becoming a Teacher

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Why I Would Not Like to Become a Teacher

Teaching is hell. The reasons I would not like to become a teacher are simply just obvious. More work than pay i.e. low net salary, stress, strict rules, you got to have a lot of patience with students especially noisy ones, and spend a lot of time preparing topics for the next day’s work.

Teaching may look easy at first but once you learn more about it, it can be like hell-fire. First of all, and the most important is your monthly salary. I don’t like when you do all that hard work of teaching, teachers have to take out like say a 1/4 of their monthly salary to pay their taxes. I mean, you’re educating our younger generation but the teachers need a respectable salary, one that shows their position.

Secondly, the stress, the children and work put on the teacher. These stress occur due to preparation for the next day’s work and test papers to be marked. Another source of stress may come from children who do not cooperate with the teacher. The alternative solution a teacher does is scold them or put them out the class. In private schools, it is illegal to do that because you can lose your job.

Thirdly, is the patience you need to have in order to work with inconsiderate students. You have or have this to be a successful teacher, like me I don’t have any patience at all.

So what I am saying here is that I do not want to become a teacher because of the reasons I listed above.

I would not become a teacher because of the following reasons.

I would not become a teacher because of the mental fatigue involve in the profession. Today’s children are rude to there teachers, abusive even. In most classrooms today children think that because of wealth or a small amount of years separating them from their teachers, gave them the right to use indecent language. In some cases children even physically abusive to there teacher hiting them with pieces of wood or punching or kicking them. It is also mentally fatiguing because of the marking of tests papers from children of different levels of the school. Preparing the different topics to teach on and explaining it as well. Also the preparation of the mark book and calculating the test scores to put inside.

If you are a married teacher it would be even more stress because of the carrying home of work to do. This would be frustrating because if you are a father when you come home from teaching and have to finish off the work of marking test results or otherwise. You would have to neglect the needs of your children whom may want to spend time with you also your wife who would want you to fulfill your role as a husband. Another problem with the teaching profession is the salary it is too small for someone who would have to use it for his needs and also the needs of his family. In order for you to have a bigger salary offered to you. You would have to be a train teacher or from the Cyril Potter college of Education or a degree from the University of Guyana or otherwise.

It is because of these reasons why I would choose not to become a teacher.

There are many reasons why I would not become a teacher. First of all I don’t like to shout at anyone and I don’t like to hear a lot of noise. In this job you would have to shout a lot and sometimes you may even have to put some lashes on some trouble some child.

Secondly there would be a lot of assignments for me to mark and I would have to stay up late at nights preparing tests and exams. It would be very stressful and I don’t like anyone or anything keeping me from sleeping at nights.

On weekends, I would usually go by some friends or by a movie theatre but when I have started to teach I would have to prepare SBAs of students and I would not have any leasure time. I would even have time for my younger brother nor sister.

Then sometimes I wake up very cranky in the morning and the last thing I would like is a group...
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