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Topics: Love, Literal, Annotation Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Some of you might be asking, what is annotation? Annotation is the act of adding notes. There is a lot of things that you can cover while annotating. My favorite thing to annotate is poems. They usually have less lines than a story. But tell a deeper story. Today I will use the following poem as an example and walk you through the steps I take to annotate a poem. (I'm not quite sure who the author is, but we used it as practice in my English class and I fell in love with it.) Black Valentine

I don't know how my mother got my father
on their bed, or how
she stood over him and cast the fishing
line of her voice in the dark
and hooked him with the barb
of her question, or how
he managed to swim up
out of the bourbon lake in his blood
and slur something like language
from his mouth of stones,
or how that small quiet woman
got the courage to raise her arm
and wade into the rot
and sink knee-deep in the ooze
and hit my father hard-
sternum, cheek bone, an eye
for an eye, I can't say
for sure, all I remember
is pressing my face to the cool
wall, as if to squeeze through,head
first, and stand, a five-year-old
child between them and say
stop. But I couldn't do anything, so I pulled the lake
blue covers over my face
and closed my eyes and saw my first grade teacher cutting paper hearts, and how
I took them home and taped them
To my parents walls, knowing
Mother would hold her tears
when Father didn't come home
and after t.v. I'd curl inside
the lukewarm hollow of my bed sheets
until I'd wake hearing my mother's
voice tearing the air to pieces,
my father stumbling into the bathroom
to throw his body over the toilet
and I smell the sharp pungency
of his drowning, Mother
dives into save him, quiet
lapping of her voice against
the wooden boat of my bed,
my baby my baby,
that rocking takes me under in sleep.
Wasn't that a good read? We are not done yet! That's why I love this poem; it's a strong read without any looking into the...
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