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Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

1. Dufau, Stephanie. P Los One. “Smart Phone, Smart Science : How the Use of Smart Phones Can Revolutionize Research in Cognitive Science.” 2011, Vol.6, Issue 9, pg.1-3, 3p.

This article discusses statistics associated with smart phone users. The number of smart phone users is expected to increase to at least one billion within the next year. Dufau explains how the use of smart phones will continue to revolutionize.

2. Goldsborough, Reid “Texting as Social Regress.” Teacher Librarian. June 2012, Vol. 39, Issue 5, pg.73, 1p.

This article is about the risks associated with using smart phone while driving. Goldsborough believes that texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. He also believes that if people learn to balance the amount of time they spend on phones and computers, this will no longer be a major issue.

3. Powell, Dean. “Does SMS Text Messaging Help or Harm Adults’ Knowledge of Standard Spelling?” Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Feb.2011. Vol.27, Issue 1, pg.58-66, 9p

This article is about how texting affects the overall knowledge of young children and adults. Powell believes that texting actually helps children learn, while others believe the complete opposite. The belief that texting helps children learn is one counterpoint of the argument that smart phones and computers have a negative affect on society.

4. Swartz, John. June 2010. USA Today. “At Facebook is Privacy vs. Profit.” 1p.

In this article, John Swartz explains how owners of Facebook fare more concerned with profits than protecting people’s privacy. He also explains the dangers associated with lack of privacy. This article contributes greatly to the argument that smart phones and computers have an overall negative effect on society.

5. Tucker, Patrick. Futurist. “Hooked up or Just Hooked.”.March/April 2009, Vol.43, Issue 2, pg.16-17, 2p

Tucker discusses...
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