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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Brienna Johnson
Eng 102
Prof. Holland
Annotated Bibliography
Huffman, Alan. Personal interview. 20 Nov. 2012
I interviewed Alan Huffman M.D and asked questions about how long drugs stay in your system and how people deal with their addictions. He was very informative and helpful and I gathered a lot of information I could not find anywhere else. I learned that methamphetamines only stay in your system from 1-3 days, I can use that information to support my claim that drug testing applicants for welfare is ineffective. NBC-15. (October 25, 2011). Judge Blocks Welfare Law NBC-15 News at 10. Mobile, AL.

In this television news broadcast the reporter talks about a judge in Florida who blocks the controversial law requiring welfare applicants to pass a drug test. This broadcast was short but helpful in that the judge held the same position I have. I can use the information from this broadcast to back my claim that drug testing is a good idea but ineffective. Sullum, Jacob. "Poppy seed peril: eat a bagel, lose your baby." Reason Mar. 2011: 11. Academic OneFile. Web. 21 Nov. 2012. This magazine article shares the story of a women who ate a poppy seed bagel 2 hours before being admitted to a hospital, she was drug tested and has her baby taken away from her for 5 days before authorities said they made a mistake. This article is off the subject of my position paper, but still contains information about the flaws in drug testing. I can use the information about the flaws of drug testing to support my claim. Tanner, Michael. The End of Welfare: Fighting Poverty in the Civil Society. Washington, DC: Cato Institute. 2008.

This book provided information on the history of welfare from the time it was first introduced, and proposed solutions to fighting poverty. I found to book interesting and informative, it was a useful part of my research because it had information on how the welfare system has...
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