How Successful Were Hitler and the Nazis in Getting the Support of Young People in Germany Between 1933 and 1945

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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How successful were Hitler and the Nazis in getting the support of young people in Germany between 1933 and 1945?

It was important for Hitler and the Nazis to control and get support of young people because with the support of the youth they could gain control of the next generation to come. This was an effective way of changing Germany’s future. Hitler aimed to make Germany a country containing no Jewish people and mainly consist of the Aryan race (blue eyes, blonde hair). The Aryan race was, in Hitler’s eyes the master race. He considered everyone who did not have blonde hair or blue eyes unworthy and therefore gave them less opportunities, for example; he prohibited them from going on weekend Youth camps…

Hitler changed the minds of many young people in Germany between 1933 and 1945 by using many methods, the two most commonly used methods were; propaganda and terror. Propaganda was the method used on young people for Hitler believed he could re-arrange their minds this way. Some of the propaganda methods used included, changing the school curriculum so that it placed special emphasis on the subjects they considered suitable in producing "ideal Nazis." For example, history was used to show how successful the Nazis had been, biology was to explain Nazi racial beliefs, geography emphasised the harshness of the treaty of Versailles, physics was used to teach children about weapon making and physical education was trebled to make youth more agile and disciplined to make them more capable soldiers for the future! The Hitler Youth (for boys) was also set up. The Hitler Youth’s main purpose was to control leisure time of the children and train them to be Nazis. At Hitler Youth meetings the children would be trained so that they learned to love and fight (even die) for Hitler. Other things young boys would do or learn is signalling, scrap work, collecting of metal, they would take part in a range of sporting activities and learn to fix bikes. However, even...
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