The Holocaust

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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The Holocaust
The Holocaust was the persecution and killing of Jews by Germany during WWII. This event occurred as the result of several unfortunate factors, including World War I, Hitler's rise to power, Nazi propaganda, Germany's military strength, and the cooperation of surrounding countries and the League of Nations. The Treaty of Versailles, a document which blamed Germany for the war, forced the country to pay a lot of money, and added several other punishments for the German people. This led to a general feeling of rage and bitterness among the Germans, not only toward the Allies for creating the treaty, but also toward their new government the Weimar Republic for signing. Once Hitler became dictator, his first step was to build up Germany's army, an action strictly forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. He also began his intense discrimination toward Jews in Germany. Because he believed that the most important group to influence was the children, a group called Hitler Youth had been established. These boys and girls were basically the Nazi equivalent of Boy Scouts. They did good works around their neighborhoods and they had ranks and levels, but they were also immersed in Nazi propaganda that caused them to believe in Aryan Superiority.  Ironically placed in the very city where Hitler had stripped the Jews of their rights with the Nuremberg Laws, the trials were meant to judge and punish those who committed the Holocaust and war crimes in World War II. Though Hitler and several of his top conspirators had already committed suicide, many Nazi officials were judged. As soon as General Eisenhower and his troops witnessed the horrors of the first few liberated extermination camps, Eisenhower's first reaction was to call in the press and give the Holocaust immediate and extensive media coverage. This effectively informed people around the globe about the atrocities of genocide, and sparked an international movement to prevent such an event from occurring...
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