How Should Flynn Fuller Resell Its Value to Globank?

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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Jeff Patterson and his team should face the following
realities: The number of consultants
GloBank uses is about to drop to one or zero;
Jeff’s friend Bill Holland is in serious trouble;
and critical time has been dithered away, perhaps
fatally. Thus, Flynn Fuller has only one
choice. The team should pitch GloBank as
though it were a new account, which involves
taking some risks and raising the consultancy’s
sights from a divisional to a corporate
To stay in the game, Jeff and his team must
immediately establish credibility and trustworthiness.
In their preparatory sessions, the
consultants must directly, personally, and intellectually
take on Frank Maloney’s challenge
of quickly reversing GloBank’s financial
and market-share losses. Realistically speaking,
Maloney has only about six to 12 months
to improve GloBank’s performance before organizational
openness to change disappears
and disappointment with his performance
sets in.
CEOs in his situation desperately need—
or, at least, deeply appreciate—clear, reliable,
unbiased help in identifying, confirming, or
refuting hypotheses about the challenges
they face. Maloney may welcome consultants
who are willing to say the brutally honest, politically
incorrect truth. At the same time, it’s
obvious that Maloney harbors serious doubts
about consultants, so Jeff must prove his
worth, despite feeling that having to do so is
How, then, do Jeff and his team show
themselves worthy of Maloney’s trust? In
short, Jeff must review his firm’s decade of
projects and demonstrate past and prospective
value creation for GloBank with six slides
that will easily cover the one-hour discussion.
The first two slides should consist of a
table listing projects in rows and accompanying
columns of recommendations, qualified
and qualitative earnings, growth and sales results,
issues or problems, and hindsight comments.
The main point of this chart must be
that GloBank has...
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