Kenworth Motors Case

Topics: Management, Meeting, Thought Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: June 4, 2012
Kenworth Motors Case
As a consulting you always need to come and prepare before you meet the potential client. The proposal must be present at the meeting. As I am reading this case study, I thought it was just a formal personal review of a meeting that two business partners that reach out for help. I do not believe that the consultant was prepared for the meeting. He just talks to the client and go to a firm that he knew nothing about. He did not have an agenda of what the business was all about and he was not focused about the agenda. He manager himself doesn’t even know what is the problem that running in the company before having the consulting to come in. If he is a professional consultant, he should first research about the organization and prepared himself a little better. Also he needs to do some research on the management and it operation within the organization. One thing that I can give credit to this consulting is that he is a good seller. He first begins his question about the plant and products of the organization and led the manager to talk about different topic of their products. Also both the manager and consultant had a positive attitude toward everything. The consultant lay out the retreat but didn’t have any plan of how the retreat would help their problems. Everything was not in writing and the time to prepare for the retreat is too short to even prepare for. As a consulting, he was not professionally present his action and plans to present how it will help the potential client. This case study shows a very ineffective ways of doing consulting for large organization. Also it allows you to think that hiring effective consulting is not by using mutual acquaintance. This is a good example of contract meeting of what to do or not to do. I think this first meeting goes well but with unprepared consulting can lead to many wrong direction and lead to failure as a consultant but also damage the company reputation....
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