How Poverty Makes One's Life Hard?

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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How poverty makes a man's life difficult?
Among all fears that a man escapes from during his life, the possibility of becoming poor, is the most threatening one. I think poverty can make a man's life as bad as hell. It is not only because poverty will result in many other bad behaviors which make social life unsafe but also because it puts the heath status of the society at risk. Many crimes stem from poor economy conditions. For instance, it is crystal clear that prostitution is the direct consequence of poverty. A new study showed that most women who commit prostitutes are from poor families. The study also showed that a vast majority of prostitutes hate themselves and what they are doing; however, they find no other way to gain such amount of money that could improve the family economy. This situation ruins the moral structure of the society and also injects illegal money called dirty-money to economy which makes the government weaker and weaker in controlling economy factors such as inflations. Poor economy condition makes people less concerned about their health. It goes without saying that members of families with poor finances are more at risk to be infected by perilous viruses than those of a good economy. For example Aids is much more distributed in poor African countries than European countries. This is, as social scientists says, because of the fact that financial status is at the baseline of the pyramid of human needs and other needs such as health are in the upper stages, hence, for a man to notice his needs at other stages, he should meet his needs at the first stage.
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