Assisted Suicide

Topics: Epidemiology, Disease, Poverty Pages: 7 (2469 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Title: Correlation of Poverty and Health
Name: George Saba
Class Name: English 102
Instructor: Zeina Bou Malhab
Date: Monday July 25, 2011

Poverty affects individual’s physical health as well as his or her mental health. Poor parents suffer a great deal of social economic stress, which greatly impacts their relationship with their children, especially the adolescents. Troubled teenagers experience chronic stress and sometimes deep distress that leads to psychological issues and in worst cases to suicide. As poverty takes its toll on the human health, it also affects environment in general: Poor areas are well known by the wide spread of infectious communicable diseases, such as typhoid fever and tuberculosis. Underprivileged people are also exposed to non-communicable diseases including Premature Births and Cancer. It also imposes obesity in poor regions since the poor have limited or no access to physical activities which improves their health. Families with lower wages are often victims of obesity, due to several reasons, including the cheap prices of junk food and the wrong orientation in the media about healthy diets.

Poverty is arguably the most universal, difficult, and harmful risk factor for population health. Its effects mount up over the life course, and are transmitted across generations. Poverty limits opportunities leaving individuals liable to low control, depressive symptoms, and a strange appearance. Poverty is such a dominant force that it can lead an individual into a long cycle of severe health issues. Cracking this cycle is a key task that can only be achieved with steps such as educating the public about the effects of poverty all across the globe. Poverty can directly affect individuals and their families in many ways such as, mental health, infectious diseases, and obesity that are spreading at such a quick rate particularly among those settling in inadequate living conditions and poor sanitary. Without a doubt, individuals with low incomes are more likely to suffer from poor mental health and poverty. Settling in poverty greatly influences stress levels and psychological health. As a matter of fact, parents with short and unstable income experience more emotional grief, despair, and regard themselves as less successful parents than parents with higher incomes. Not to mention, the steady worry of poverty can lead to depression and anxiety. Equally important, the stress of figuring out how the unpaid bills will be covered or who will pay the medical costs if anything awful happens to a member in the family and many other fears all contribute to things such as child abuse and parental conflict. In fact, poverty and financial suffering include several impacts on parents, generating parental agony which disturbs the parent-teenager ties, and frequently guides to conflicting order, diminished parental supervision and parent- child disagreements. (Dashiff, DiMicco, Myers, Sheppard, 2009, p.26) Unquestionably, poverty may have direct consequences on adolescent mental health and the quality of life. In general, teenagers are aware of their economic situations in their families, which impact their interactions with their families and environments. The awareness of youths that their parents have financial difficulties has been linked with features of adolescent mental health, implying the huge outcomes poverty has on teenagers’ mood. For instance, poor youths are alert of the money troubles surrounding their parents and the horrific house atmosphere which enable them to be more anxious and stressed. What is more, chronic stress combined with poverty affects the nervous system of lower class teenager’s nervous systems. Identically, chronic stress is connected to poverty which increases adolescents’ threat for mental disorders, such as misery, and behavioral activities such as drug use, and criminal action. In addition, teenagers exposed to constant poverty are more susceptible to poor...
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