How Life in the Air Force Is Really About

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Caridad Rivera
Professor Vollaro
ENC 1101 X1
27 February 2013
Research Paper
How Life in the Air Force is Really About In this paper I’m talking about how life in the Air Force is really about and how is different than Civilians. Air Force life is not easy it’s more intense and it’s not just a job. The life of a soldier is harder because they have to leave everything behind and start from scratch don’t believe me I’m going in from a real Airman point of view on a personal interview with Ken Martilik Jr., who just started the Air Force not so long ago and its now starting the real life as one. My research will focus on the life and career of the Airmen of Air Force. Air Force is the more mentally than physically, but its one of the most interesting force. Knowing how life in the Air Force really is, is it similar to the civilians or is it more intense? The Air Force life is similar to being citizen, but some places are just specific just for military families. The Air Force knows people are the most important asset. As such, the Air Force has made quality-of-life issues around the base a top priority. In order to understand life on an Air Force base, here are some things that can help understand it better.

When choosing to join the Air Force it’s best to look at the opportunity your getting from them. The Air Force is rank the most challenging and hardest to join because is has the best qualifying of life programs. This branch is the first to start using a significant portion to establish and maintain QOL programs. When the rank is E-4 and above you and you have serve three years of service, they are qualify to move off base and receive a monetary housing allowance, called BAH. The Air Force is the first to have on-base family housing, but the civilian is responsible to maintain and keep everything in perfect condition. Air Force is scheduling 38 housing projects that will include 32 thousand housing units that will approximately cost $4 billion. Airmen who are married get to decide to live in the base or off base of their choosing with a monthly housing allowance. Airmen also get a monthly food allowance for those who live off base called the BAS because if they live in the on base dorms they do not qualify to receive the BAS because they get free meals in the dining facilities (Powers). The Air Force life has so much in common, but sometimes they have differences in some of their ways. Some ways that it is different is how they have security bases when you get to the base, the supermarket and department stores have tax-free or you can save more money than buying it someplace else. Having more opportunity with Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRCs) can help plan a vacation. Some of the most sought-after vacation locations can provide with discounted lodging and reduce-price tickets to the local sights and attractions. For Officers they have their own place to go to like their own dining room and social club. The club carries out parties, dinners and other entertainment. Some Officers clubs have swimming pools and tennis courts. Some similarities the Air Force has are that they have a chapel that gives Airmen to go and if you are Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths. If the religion is not offered they can help you find a church that is near by to help you with your religion. They also have their own movie theaters, recreation, childcare and education, etc. They even offer college courses for those who want to go back to school (“Life on base”).

According to the “life of the Air Force”, Airmen have a choice to choose where to live; it can be in the dorms, on base housing, or outside the base. If you live inside the base you have the opportunity to live there for free and you get an allowance to live in the base. If you live outside the base Airmen would have to get authorize receive basic housing allowance that can help pay for the housing. The...
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