To Be or Not to Be a Pilot

Topics: Associate's degree, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 21, 2013
To be a pilot in the Air Force, it takes courageous people, lots of stamina, perfect vision, and brain power among other things. Stupid people can’t fly planes. More than just being physically fit, you need to be mentally fit as well. You also have to know all sorts of terminology in case of an emergency, or just being in battle. More than anything do I want to be a pilot, and the fastest course there is the Air force. Because of my burgeoning interest in this subject, I choose this as my research subject. I will find education needed to be a pilot, the different career paths after being enlisted you can take, and the different requirements needed. states you need a masters degree in any area of study to be a pilot. Earning a masters leaves opportunities for career choices after the Air Force. I am considering is Fox Valley Technical College, because they offer a very well run course on piloting. states “a two year associate degree program one summer semester and four regular semesters.”

After becoming a Air force pilot, or other schooling options, many career choices lay ahead of you. Most people start off as cargo pilots, and work their way up the food chain going to commercial in the end. Based on statistics from, 8% of pilots in the us are self employed (wiscareers

There are many requirements needed to be a pilot both on the workfield and as a officer in the Air force. Southwest airlines states that to become a pilot for them one must: Be rated with flying a B-737, 2,500 hours total of flight time, must be 23 years of age, must have a FAA class 1 medical certificate, must pass FAA certified drug test, must include flying actively in 2 of the last5 years, must be a U.S. resident, must have a drivers licence, must have four years of college or technical education, and have 3 letters of recommendation.( However when applying for a pilot position for the Air Force you have to: have 20/20...
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