Topics: Psychology, Writing, Responsibility Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Personal Responsibility. (2011, Apr 20). US Fed News Service, Including US State News. Retrieved from In this article the writer focused on personal responsibility and how it relates in the military, and how your actions can not only affect us but our families or the people around us. I can relate so much to this article and what the writer says about “No matter what choice we make whether it be a good or a bad we need to learn from it and take responsibility for our part”. For example when it got close to me getting out of the Marine Core I didn’t take full advantage of the class’s the military offers for Marines when they get out. Theses classes could have helped me get into a job as soon as I got out, so that my family wouldn’t suffer a financial hardship. Now because of my bad decision not only did my life style have to dramatically change so did my families. As hard as it was for myself and my family we pulled together and made it through the tough times. Because I learned from my bad decision I now help out fellow Marines who are talking about getting out, I let them know to take full advantage of class’s the military offers and to try and start saving a little money so when you get out you have a cushion. The writer also talked about when he observed something as simple as appearance or cutting someone off who has had way too much to drink. This also falls under personal responsibility, because not speaking up and doing what is right is condoning it. We should not let “what people think” dictate in doing what is right. I liked that the writer also added that if the people we call friends don’t like that we did the right thing then it is time to find some new friends. I completely agree, with his statement “Taking personal responsibility for our decisions makes us a stronger individual.” Galentine, E. (2012). Personal responsibility. Employee Benefit Adviser, 10(7), 6. Retrieved from...
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