A Major Decision essay

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A Major Decision
There he was with an uncertain look on his face as he stared at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center. Remembering everything he has already been through in his life as far as completing high school and making some poor decisions in his young life. As he went to open the door he walked up he remembered a famous quote that he had read about in history class, which read, “some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem” President Ronald Reagan. That quote was one of the reasons why he wanted to make a change in his life to give back to others instead of always taking everything for granted.

The minute that he signed the papers and stepped off that bus to the spot they call “the yellow footprints” he knew he wasn’t in Kansas anymore. He went through the most rigorous training in the world with no contact with the outside world except the form of writing letters. The mental aspect of the training was the most important when becoming a Marine. Its not everyday you have a freakishly large man with veins coming out of his neck screaming at you to move faster. As the days flew by he was getting stronger and more mature. Before he knew it he was with the other three hundred recruits walking across the parade deck as a United States Marine. One of the many reasons he joined was to get out of the state of Michigan where he has grown up in and been in for the last nineteen years of his life. He really wanted to travel the world and discover other culture that exists all over the world. One of the great things of the military is there is always traveling and for his first two years he traveled to place such as Germany, Iceland, and Italy. He was very surprised of how it was in the different cultures compared to the American way. One of the main accomplishments that he has been through is his first tour to Fallujah, Iraq when he had the opportunity to rebuild the water facility to...
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