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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Megan Dean
8 May 2013
Johnson / per. 1
TKMB annotated bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: American Education in the 1930’s
Bondi , Victor. "The Depression and Education (1930's)." American Decades . Galenet , 16 Dec. 2007. Web. 7 May 2013. . In his article, Victor Bondi explains how the depression effected education, and includes important and stunning facts about American education during the 1930's. He explains how education as a whole went from a big increase to a huge decline. For example between 1930-1935 sales on textbooks decreased nationwide by over a third. Although the great depression set school systems back financially, this article firmly states that it standardized the modern way of learning in America. Ganzel, Bill, and Claudia Reinhardt . "Going to School in Rural America during the 1930s." Wessels Living History Farm, Inc.. David Wessels , n.d. Web. 8 May 2013. . This history oriented website primarily focuses on America in the 1900's. Together authors Claudia Reinhardt and Bill Ganzel efficiently portray statistics and details about education in America during the 1930's. Money to support school systems during this time was scarce and therefore many schools were rundown or crowded. The website states that during this era literature and reading was a huge part of education, and many famous books and poetry were produced by famous authors at this time, such as Ernest Hemingway and Dr. Suess. Along with accurate and reliable information, this site provides pictures and examples of books and playground equipment young children may have read and used during the 1930's. Lay, Elizabeth , and Joel Wing . "Depression Era: 1930s: Education." Oakland Museum of California. Oakland Museum of California , n.d. Web. 9 May 2013. . Composed for the research of teachers and students, this library website has much useful information about life and education in the 1930's. By no means was there equality in education between Negro and white...
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