How Human Rights Protect the People

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Law Pages: 6 (2244 words) Published: June 3, 2013
International laws are there to protect the people, but still many countries get away with ignoring people’s rights and to the eye it looks like they suffer no consequences. International laws put into place by treaty, also legally binding, were in order to address injustices to the people. (The Foundation. N.D.) Protecting human rights throughout the world is a humane effort. Many governments oppress its people, murder, and leave their people starving while those in power live a better life. Protecting the basic human rights of the individuals is an international moral duty. Everyone should see it as such and step in when they are needed and protect the people, as well the same should be done for them. Background

Human rights laws were first brought out in 1948, after the Second World War. It was meant to keep things that had happened then from happening again. The Holocaust was the persecutions and murder of approximately six million Jewish people. (Holocaust Memorial N.D.) POW (prisoner of war) camps where German soldiers were captured by the Russians and murdered over years, Even Japanese war camps captured soldiers and they were tortured. Battles or even ransacking of cities took place over the War, and people were raped, murdered, and tortured. The things that were done to the people were so outrageous and unthinkable; they started The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The treaties were formed in order to protect the people, from all countries, from the wars that may surround them, as well as protect them even when they are not in times of war. Everyone is free and is to be shown the same respects in dignity and rights; everyone has the same basic rights. Protecting these human rights became the job of the international community. Issues

Women’s right still sees problems when it comes to Human Rights, and range from cultural, political, to economic. Some people believe this may be a problem in other countries only but even effects at home. Women can work the same job as a man and still be paid less for the same work. (Shah, A, 2010.) There are several countries in which woman’s rights are not protected, and even just treated as a lesser being. For example in tribal areas of Pakistan women are known to be gang raped to punish a man for his crimes. Another example in Guatemala, women face domestic violence, rape, and the second highest HIV and Aids rates. They also have a string of unsolved murders that has left hundreds of women dead; with some having hate messages on them. (Ward, O 2008) Racism has always been, and still continues to be a major problem that affects human rights. Racism is the belief that some racial groups are more superior to another, which leads to hatred and discrimination. Some people believe it is their right to be able to say whatever they want, and should not be restricted on what they say. Racism does not know any bounds, and as long as people believe they are better or have hatred against someone else just for their race, it will continue to be a problem. Indigenous People had their lands taken from the, or even were warred with because their lands were considered of some value. Indigenous people are a culture of their own. They have their own beliefs, customs, and traditions that are different from the people who took their land. The best example that could be used here would be Native Americans, who were forced off of their land for varying reasons, which is a violation of their rights. They had lost everything that was theirs, and was to be considered the worst of the violations against humans. It has now been over 50 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into existence, and the abuses against it still grow larger on a global scale. Since the war on terror began, as a result of the 2001 terrorist attacks on America, human rights have become less of importance. Governments would rather sacrifice a person’s rights and have security, as well as other countries...
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