Historical Events Since 1945

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  • Published : August 15, 2010
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The formation of the United Nations (1945)

Kegley (2007) mentions that the failure of the League of Nations, brought about the creation of the United Nations in 1945. Following the planning of the American, British and Soviet allies for a new international organization to maintain peace and security, the United Nations came into existence on 24 October 1945. Today, the United Nations has many departments that deal with vast global issues mainly humanitarian, economic and social. The creation of the United Nations has also brought the birth of other organizations such as the European Union in 1993 and the World Trade organization in 1995. Internationally, the living standards of many have positively changed since the founding of the United Nations

The creation of the declaration of Human Rights (1948)

According to Hass (2008), the second charter of the United Nations after peace promotions is human rights. ( Vandersluis and Yerous in Kegley 2007, p.220) state that “ the universalist claim, that all human beings have the same moral status; to accept universal human rights the moral demand to respect the life, integrity, well-being and flourishing of all human beings”. This was the general idea when the declaration of human rights was created. Violence, racial and gender discrimination, child abuse, religion and immigration laws are now governed by these laws. This has encouraged peace and development across the globe.

The introduction of oral contraception (1958)

Oral contraception is a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies through the ingesting of the pill. The pill was first introduced in the United States as an alternative to minimize infant mortality and enforce women rights with issues concerning child birth. Prior to the use of the oral pill, women used to go to extreme measure to exercise birth control. “Women used to nurse their children for two to three years. This would suppress ovulation protecting them from pregnancy. Another natural...
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