Gender Equality

Topics: Feminism, Gender equality, Human rights Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: February 29, 2012

''Women's rights are human rights'', averred the Unites States Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton. The realisation of women's rights is a world-wide struggle based on universal human rights and the rule of law. Most women of today's generation enjoy multiple rights that act as a determinant factor in making them be on a par with men. Evidently without the emancipation of women, perhaps today we would still be living in a world where patriarchy is prevalent and women considered as ‘the inferior gender’.


Mauritius, since 25 years now, has been struggling on implementing new and effective empowerment programs for women, through the National Women's Council. The National Platform for Women in Politics plays a role in boosting participation of women in the 'affairs of State’. Statistics have proven that female participation in the National Legislative Assembly has increased by 13.1%, which is quite considerable, during the past decade. Yet, measures and strategies are still being viewed and analysed to increase female involvement in politics. For instance, during the International women's Day celebration, which took place on 9 March 2011, the Prime Minister, Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, stated that a quota system should be put in place to boost the number of women in politics. This is indeed a ' substantial step towards gender parity ‘.

‘Entreprendre au Feminin Ocean Indien-Region Maurice’ (EFOIM) is a non-governmental organization which has also helped in job creations for women along with the collaboration of the National Empowerment Foundation. It would also be good to point out that during the annual New Year message of the Prime Minister, which is addressed to the whole nation, it was stated that the rate of female unemployment has decreased by 4.1% during the past four years. This evidence clearly shows the breaking-down of barriers to job opportunities for women.

The constitution of Mauritius assures...
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