How Hav Computers Changed Our Lives?

Topics: Invention, Social network service, 2002 albums Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The effects of computers on society especially in recent years have been both numerous and profound. Almost every aspect of our lives has been changed in some way by this incredible and incomparable invention. With all the ways computers are put to use nowadays it is hard to imagine what life was like before they were invented.

It is important to mention that along with inventing computers scientist, mathematicians and researchers a bit later created also the Internet, which now is an inseparable element of almost all computers. Our society undoubtedly benefits from computers. They are used in schools, workplaces and homes. Computers and the Internet have made a number of professions and studies easier. What used to take someone hours of searching through library books can now be done within a matter of seconds. Computers are used for research and typing of articles, designing buildings and complicated calculations.

Computers have also affected the way people interact with others on a day to day basis. Family members or friends that live apart in different places, countries or even on different continents, can easily keep in contact with one another. Thanks to chat rooms or social network sites we can become acquaintances or friends with people who live in different countries, speak different languages and live in different culture. I believe that because of this possibility our society, especially young people, have become more brave, open to new experiences and broadminded.

However, some of the benefits of computers, allowing us to communicate easily and quickly for instance, can also be drawbacks. The ease of communication via Internet gives us an excuse to remain at a distance form one another for longer periods of time. What is more, many people are too busy sitting in front of their monitors talking on Messenger or surfing the Internet. This leads to isolation from society and eventually may lead to reducing the ability to interact with...
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